Windows 95+
Age of Empires I - [Official Site]
While I truly enjoy the level to which Age of Empires II took the series, I can't help but appreciate the original game as well. While it clearly lacks some very useful features present in the sequel, Age of Empires can still be a fun way to start from a small tribe gathering fruit, and build your way up to an empire wreaking havoc on small helpless peasanst who were once like you.
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  • Age of Empires II: Age of Kings - [Official Site]
    I can't even begin to count the hours i've spent playing this game. And even before I had the full version I played this demo over and over again, building my kingdom differently each time. This game series is great, and in my opinion AoE II is the better of the bunch.
  • Download Demo Version (46.7MB)
  • Age of Wonders - [Official Site]
    This excellent turn-based strategy RPG is one of my old favorites. This demo offers you a few of the options as far as being human, dwarf, dark elf, etc., and allows you access to a rather large map. You recruit characters of your alignment, and each can travel a certain distance during each turn. I was addicted to this demo when it was first released.
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  • Beavis and Butthead - Bug Justice
    Probably the weaker of the three freeware Beavis and Butthead mini-games, this little demo can still be fun and challenging if you can make it that far.
  • Download Full Version (1.8MB)
  • Beavis and Butthead - Court Chaos
    Court Chaos is a fun little sequence from Beavis and Butthead's Virtual Stupidity. You get to knock these lame-ass yuppie tennis players with balls. Squrrels!
  • Download Full Version (1.8MB)
  • Beavis and Butthead - Hock-a-Loogie
    This is by far the most popular Beavis and Butthead mini-game, and for good reason! This game is fun, for hours on end! Play as either Beavis or Butthead.
  • Download Full Version (2.1MB)
  • Captain Claw - [Official Site]
    This is one of the better 2D Platformer games to come out in the 1990's. It has great scenery, and great gameplay, basically all that you can ask for in a game such as this. Meow. I mean, arrrg!.
  • Download Demo Version (10.71MB)
  • The Corporate Machine - [Official Site]
    This demo requires an internet connection, but what fun! It will automatically log you into the server, and there you can play vs. computer or against others! Brilliant.
  • Download Demo Version (11.7MB)
  • Dink Smallwood - [Official Site]
    Dink Smallwood is an RPG worth hours of fun. And we have the full version to Download for free! It has good comedic value, and excellent replay valueas it has the ability to play an infinite number of add-on adventures. See the official site for more details.
  • Download Full Version (15.4MB)
  • Dope Wars (by Ben Webb) - [Official Site]
    Back in 1999 Ben Webb was kind enough to release this version of dope wars under the GPL. Ever since, numerous clones have emerged, some of which have the audacity to charge a fee to play their (always inferior) version of the game. This version is and always will be free, and is the best version anyway, with free online play via the dopewars servers.
  • Download Full Version (1.3MB)
  • Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back- [ScummVM Site]
    In this adventure game you play as real estate agent, John Hacker. On a trip to Transylvania to close a sale of some land to Count Drascula, John falls for a girl that he meets. When she is kidnapped by a vampire, the mystery of the small town beings to unravel. You must use ScummVM to play this game.
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  • Download Music AddOn [MP3] (28.1MB)
  • Hover
    This game used to be packaged with Windows 95. I thought i'd offer it up here for retro purposes. You basically ride around in a hovercar, and shoot at your enemy. Pretty fun if you're bored, and apparantly it still works on XP or Vista. I figured it was free to Windows users anyway, so it should be ok to post here. If anyone knows otherwise please contact me.
  • Download Full Version (6.2MB)
  • Mutant Chicken Races
    You have been sent to try to save your dear relative's farm by breeding and racing chickens. The less desirable chickens are mutants, just like KFC serves.
  • Download Full Version (508KB)
  • Railroad Tycoon Deluxe
    Sid Meier and MicroProse make an excellent team when it comes to really hardcore simulation games. If you like this game, there are three sequels you can seek out.
  • Download Full Version (14.3MB)
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II
    So you couldn't get enough when you played Dark Forces eh? Well this game is even better, so give it a try. And stop pointing that light saber at me.
  • Download Demo (20.19MB)
  • Worms 2 - [Official Site]
    Fight against the computer or against friends with your squadron of fully-armed worms. This demo is special, because you can play against other people around the world online (without a separate application). I haven't tested this feature in a few years, but even if it doesn't work, the demo itself is a lot of fun.
  • Download Demo w/Online Play (9.86MB)
  • Windows 95+