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Updates Archive - 2011
Windows 3.1 Demo: Prairie Dog Hunt [1993] (Action) October 2, 2011
I had forgotten about Prairie Dog Hunt until I recently saw it on another retro games site. The concept is extremely simple. You point and click to shoot prairie dogs! There are three levels of difficulty, and three types of gun to use, which give you different points based on the degree of difficulty. That is about it. Oh, and watch out for the rabid prairie dogs! They really bite.
DOS Full Version: Wings [1996] (Action) September 12, 2011
The update today, Wings, is pretty simple. You fly a small triangle around while trying not to crash into walls. Apparently the game was released originally in 1996, and then released as freeware in 2001. There isn't much to it, but the grahpics are nice and the game is easy to get used to. I have some trouble with the controls, but once you have played for a while you get the hang of flying your little V plane.
DOS Shareware Version: Black Star: Agent of Justice [1995] (Adventure) September 8, 2011
In Black Star: Agent of Justice game you play as Blackstar, a Native American who dabbles in a bit of everything to earn his living. Like all adventure games, you must solve puzzles to progess in the game. I have only played a bit of the game, but it plays well and is pretty funny to boot! This game is supposedly rated PG-13.
DOS Full Version: Word Whiz [1988] (Puzzle) August 30, 2011
Today's update has more nostalgic value than replay value. In Word Whiz you must answer a series of multiple choice questions. I believe there are 400 total questions in this game. Apogee released this game as freeware in 2005, and the source code was released under the GPL in 2009. Go get your nerd on!
DOS Full Version: Dragonsphere [1994] (Adventure) August 24, 2011
Wow! It has been quite a busy month for me! I am forcing myself to do an update. I hadn't heard of Dragonsphere until recently, but just from the small dose of screenshots that I have seen I can tell that this is an epic game. As the title might suggest, this game involves a king, a queen, and an evil sorcerer. The game uses the point-and-click interface that was all the rage in 1994. The current license holder, Good Old Games, released this game as freeware in May of 2011.
Win 3.1 Demo: The Incredible Toon Machine [1994] (Puzzle) July 7, 2011
In The Incredible Toon Machine you use an arsenal of items in order to guide a cat or mouse to a goal in a Rube Goldberg-esque series of events. The animations that ensue as various items are activated are the main appeal of this puzzle game. With items like the Chow-Man Motor and the Skeleto-Bobbin, this game brings out a the creativity in all who play.
DOS Full Version: Troll's Tale [1984] (Adventure) June 19, 2011
One of the early adventure titles from Sierra and Al Lowe, Troll's Tale is rather primitive by today's standards, but is a fine example of the state of PC gaming circa the mid-1980s. The storyline is simple; a troll has hidden 15 treasures and you must search across the kingdom to find them. I don't think you can die in this game, which makes it a little less frustrating than some of the later Sierra titles.
DOS Full Version: Teen Agent [1996] (Adventure) June 18, 2011
Well, I've been busier than I thought with my new house. I'll try to update at least once a month. Hopefully I will have time to do more than that. Teen Agent is a hilarious and somewhat cheesy adventure game from the mid-1990's. I have only played a small part of this game, but it made me laugh right from the start. If you can get past the strange puzzles, this is a worthwile and entertaining game.
Windows 95 Demo: Fury 3 [1995] (Flight Sim) May 10, 2011
Oh hai! It's good to be back! I spent the last few weeks moving into my new house. Now that I have settled-in a little more, the updates can resume. The update today, Fury 3, is the evil twin of Terminal Velocity. Both are similar in gameplay; your basic shoot-em-up flight simulator with simple controls such as boost and change-weapon. The grahpics aren't too hard on the eye (by 1995 standards).
Windows 3.1 Demo: King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride [1994] (Adventure) April 18, 2011
The second to last game in a truly amazing adventure series, King's Quest VII is a masterpiece. While the cartoonish graphics are a dramatic departure from the realistic scenery found in KQV-VI, the story in which you become immersed in KQVII takes you to one of the more enjoyable realms to explore in Roberta Williams' epic series. In this demo, you have access to the first of six chapters.
Windows 95 Demo: Age of Empires II: The Conquerors [2000] (Strategy) April 16, 2011
The first 2 games in the Age of Empires series are among my favorite real-time strategy games. In this demo of The Age of Empires: The Conquerors Expansion you can control the Aztecs or the Mayans. The addition of Jaguar warriors is one of the highlights of this expansion. Even this demo has replay value, so if you like strategy games give it a try!
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DOS Shareware Version: Redneck Rampage [1997] (FPS) April 15, 2011
Yeee-Haw! Grab yer shotgun and git ready for some backwoods inbred
shotgun-toting mouth-breathing good time! Redneck Rampage is a FPS with a
(you guessed it) redneck theme. Among the power-ups are beer, liquor, pork rinds, and moon pies. Throw in some gratuitous belching and farting and you've got yourself a game right out of the heart of America!

DOS Shareware Version: PowerSlave [1996] (FPS) April 14, 2011
Today's update is PowerSlave, an Egypitan-themed alien-blasting game. The gameplay is your standard FPS fare, with the addition of a mana bar. This game was designed using a pre-Duke Nukem 3D version of the Build engine. As other reviewers have noted, the ability to strafe is frustratingly limited, and its not possible to use the mouse to look around. Otherwise, the game seems to be rather fun.
Thanks again to Mr. Flibble for the suggestion!

DOS Shareware Version: Witchaven [1995] (FPS) April 12, 2011
One of the early children of the Build engine, Witchaven is an eerie and awesome FPS that ranks right up there with any of the 90's-era FPS legends. This game is heavily fantasy-based, and to the joy of the fantasy game fan it also incorporates Role-Playing elements such as levels, hit points, and weapon proficiency. I would recommend this game to any Action-RPG fans, and to FPS fans as well.
Thanks to Mr. Flibble for the suggestion!

DOS Full Version: One Must Fall: 2097 [1994] (Fighting) April 7, 2011
Yet another title published by Epic MegaGames, One Must Fall: 2097 is an unusual fighting game in which you use a Human Assisted Robot (HAR) instead of your character's body. Some of the arenas contain obstacles that can harm you, which I find to be annoying. This game has 2 modes; either fight your way to the top of a competition, or gain money and enhance your HAR by winning tournaments.
Windows 95 Demo Version: Diablo [1996] Action-RPG March 25, 2011
Today's update, Diablo was the first Action-RPG to become immensely popular during the Windows 95 era. You play as a single character, and must fight and explore your way through 16 dungeons, and then on to hell itself. Blizzard still retains the copyright, so we have provided the demo version.
DOS Full Version: Chinese Checkers [1991] Board March 15, 2011
This is a traditional translation of what is called "Chinese Checkers". The game was actually invented in Germany in 1892. This version was created by ImagiSOFT, the fine comapny behind the classic game Redhook's Revenge. If you don't know how to play Chinese Checkers, you will pick it up quickly.
DOS Full Version: Ken's Labyrinth [1993] FPS March 11, 2011
I'm never really got into Ken's Labyrinth, (to be fair I haven't played it all of the way through). It was coded by Ken Silverman who also designed the Build engine used in Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, etc. In this game you can interact with characters, as well as play slot machines, and of course fight enemies. The full version was released as freeware in 1999.
Windows 3.1 Full Version: Robots [1993] Puzzle March 3, 2011
Today's update, Robots is a classic computer game model that has been cloned many times over. You must move your character one space at a time. When you move, the robots will all move one space closer to you. If you can figure out a way to get the robots to destroy each other, you win the game.
DOS Full Version: The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall [1996] Action-RPG March 1, 2011
I have been meaning to add this game to the site ever since adding Arena. So in honor of my friend Rob's birthday last week (and my birthday this week), I am adding the full version of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Get excited. Call in sick to work or school. Get ready for an RPG adventure of epic proportions. Bethesda was nice enough to release the game as freeware in 2009.
Happy Birthday Rob!

DOS Shareware: Depth Dwellers [1994] FPS February 27, 2011
Like many First-Person Shooters released in the 1990's, Depth Dwellers was released in episodes, with the first episode being shareware. Each chapter starts with a clear goal to accomplish. Along the way you must free the "Depth Dwellers", who are being held captive in the various areas that you explore.
Applications: Boxer (Version 1.0 RC2) [2011] DOS Emulator February 22, 2011
The DOS emulator Boxer has been updated to Version 1.0 Release Candidate 2. Boxer is a much improved version of DOSBox that better integrates with OS X. It allows you to create game shortcuts that load directly from the finder window.
DOS Full Version: Crime Fighter [1996] Simulation February 21, 2011
Today we bring to you a game that has been released as freeware by the author; Crime Fighter. The object of this turn-based game is to commit as many crimes as possible. It sounds like Grand Theft Auto, but the gameplay is much different, and predates the GTA series by one year.
Windows 3.1 Full Version: Football (For Windows) [1992] Sports February 8, 2011
The update today, Football (For Windows), is a very basic football game that allows simple commands such as Run, Pass, Kick, and Timeout. It's not exactly a game that has a lot replay value, but if you aren't too concerned with the poor graphics and just want a quick football simulation, give this game a try.
DOS Shareware: Operation Bodycount [1994] FPS February 4, 2011
Today's update, Operation Body Count, is a first-person shooter from Capstone Software that was designed using the Wolfenstein 3D engine. In this game you must fight your way to the top of the 40-story UN building that is under a terrorist attack. Keep in mind that this game was released in 1994.
Windows 3.1 Shareware: Entombed - Episode 1 [1994] Adventure February 2, 2011
This is the first of four episodes of the game Entombed. Similar to Myst, you travel around a lifeless environment. In this case you are an archaeologist who must solve puzzles in order to escape from an underground tomb.
DOS Freeware: Battle Chess [1988] Board January 31, 2011
When Battle Chess was first released it revolutionized chess on the computer. The animation brings a level of carnage to the game that makes it much more fun to play than normal chess, especially in multiplayer mode.
Windows 3.1 Freeware: Zeek The Geek: Part 1 [1995] Puzzle January 30, 2011
In Zeek The Geek: Part 1, you must collect mushrooms as you find your way through walls and obstacles, eat flower powerups, and find ways to utilize your surroundings. This game was released in 1995 by Paul H. Smith.
Windows 3.1 Freeware: Reproduction Man [1995] Puzzle January 29, 2011
This interesting game, Reproduction Man, is a boulderdash clone in which your goal is to lead a sperm to an egg by tunneling through panels while avoiding obstacles. There are no enemies, so overall the game is quite easy.
DOS Freeware: Chex Quest [1996] FPS January 28, 2011
Today's update is Chex Quest. Normally I wouldn't consider adding a B-list game such as this, but I can remember around 1996 finding a CD-ROM based game in a box of Chex cereal, so I felt a bit nostalgic when I encountered this download. It is a 5-level doom clone set in a strange environment.
DOS Shareware: In Search of Dr. Riptide [1994] Platformer January 23, 2011
Today's update, In Search of Dr. Riptide, is a platform game in which you must stop Dr. Riptide from destroying the oceans. Riding in your submarine, you must maintain your oxygen levels, while collecting coins, power-ups, and new weapons. This shareware verion includes 6 levels.