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DOS Shareware Version: Quiver [1997] (FPS) February 19, 2014
This game is simply terrible. The only redeeming quality that Quiver has is that one of the weapons is called the "Fajita Maker". How cool is that? If you have tried all of the old DOS FPS games and really need to try something new, then I would recommend this game. In all other scenarios, avoid at all costs. Why am I providing it on this site, you ask? For the preservation of history!
DOS Shareware Version: Tubular Worlds [1994] (Action) July 6, 2012
While not my favorite genre, a site such as this would not be complete without a few Arcade Shooter games such as Tubular Worlds. Warning to those who are already frustrated by these games: you will die after a single hit. If that sounds like fun to you then by all means dive right in.
DOS Shareware Version: Amulets and Armor [1997] (RPG) June 26, 2012
Time to put on your Amulets and Armor! This Action RPG was unfortunately outdated when it was released in 1997, using some old First-Person Shooter engine that feels much more like 1993. I haven't played the game much. It seems promising, but your time would probably be better spent playing the Full Version of Daggerfall, a far superior game released one year prior.
DOS Shareware Version: Alien Cabal [1997] (FPS) June 16, 2012
I had never heard of Alien Cabal before today, but thanks to our friends at XTC Abandonware I was inspired to add this game to our FPS section. I suppose this game ripped off the idea from the movie Men In Black, as all of the "Aliens" are just men in black and white suits. Kind of lame really.
Windows 3.1 Shareware Version: Kye [1992] (Puzzle) June 15, 2012
Today's Update, Kye has been compared to the likes of Sokoban and Boulder Dash, but it also has similarities to Chip's Challenge for those who are familiar with that game. Basically you must solve puzzles by moving your character around on the 30x20 grid. Plain, simple, fun.
DOS Demo Version: Cybermage: Darklight Awakening [1995] (FPS) May 8, 2012
I was feeling bad for neglecting this site, so I have added a new game for your enjoyment. A dystopian/cyberpunk themed FPS/RPG, Cybermage: Darklight Awakening is a refreshing change from the usual FPS games that were released in the mid-1990's. As you might have guessed, the world is controlled by a corporate entity, and it is your job to kick some ass. Did I mention that you are a superhero?
DOS Demo Version: Big Red Racing [1995] (Racing) February 10, 2012
I recall Big Red Racing being on an early PC Gamer demo disc. There are two tracks to choose from in this demo, a water track or a dirt track. Each course offers different vehicles suited for each environment. You can customize your character and vehicle. For 1995, the graphics and physics of this game were a lot of fun. I believe that there are networking capabilities, which make it an even greater gem!
DOS Full Version: CD Man [1992] (Action) January 21, 2012
Happy New Year! Time for another game update. A blatant PacMan clone, CD Man is a free version from game developer Creative Dimensions. There are 5 levels in the game, and instead of chomping ghosts you have to eat spiders. Mmmm, protein! I will try to add some more games soon. It has been a busy month at work!